Report: Leafs Make Marner Eight Year Offer.

Published June 25, 2019 at 10:30

"Everybody is on the edge of their seat waiting to see what happens with Mitch Marner. Maple Leafs' fans are hoping the team and Marner can get things done as soon as possible before Marner starts meeting with other teams. Reports have indicated that Marner wants $11million a year and will meet with other teams during the restricted free agency process if general manager Kyle Dubas and the Leafs don't pay up in the next couple of days. According to Sportsnet's Brian Burke, the Leafs have put an offer on the table and it's pretty significant. Burke reports that a source close to the situation has told him that the Leafs have offered Marner an eight year extension worth $10million a season. «It's a little early to call it a debacle, but if I got this close, I would wait until July 1st. I wouldn't sign. None of these guys have.
My understanding is that a very significant offer was made; a full eight-year term and $10 million a year was what one of our guys told me — a guy on our staff who talked to the agent.
My understanding is they don't want the eight-year term. Auston Matthews has the right to walk after five years and this player is saying, «If I've got to take less money than Auston Matthews even though I am the leading scorer the last two years, I am certainly not taking a longer term.»
The notion they're waiting until July 1st to see if there is an offer sheet — I'd do the same thing if I was representing this player. It is already June 24th.»What do you think of the offer?

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