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Don Cherry Rips Maple Leafs For Draft Choices.

Published June 24, 2019 at 9:09

The Toronto Maple Leafs didn't make much noise during draft weekend as they weren't able to pick until late in the second round. The noise they did make didn't have people too happy as they sent Patrick Marleau and a first round pick to Carolina in a salary dump. Having to wait until pick #53, many believe the Leafs did make the most of their pick with Nick Robertson a defenseman from the OHL. However some aren't happy, because all of the Leafs 2019 draft picks are under six feet tall. One person who's extremely upset about it is Don Cherry. Check out his statement:"Washington won the Stanley Cup two years ago with a big tough team and a big tough Canadian boy Tom Wilson, who I saw play minor midget in Toronto. He stirred the drink for the club which helped win them the Cup. St. Louis Blues won the Cup this year. A big strong tough club, with 16 Canadians, hit and hit some more. Put out Hertl, Pavelski and Karlsson in the San Jose series. Took no prisoners. MVP Canadian, saw play here in Toronto, Ryan O'Reilly tough and gritty and co-MVP as far as I'm concerned, Jordan Binnington, won the Cup for them, also saw him play minor midget, also Canadian. The best defenceman in the playoffs by far Alex Pietrangelo also a Canadian big tough kid I saw play in Toronto. Ok Lets go over it…. Tom Wilson, Ryan O'Reilly, Jordan Binnington, Alex Pietrangelo all from Ontario, 16 Canadians on Blues… a Blue print on how to win the Stanley Cup. The Maple Leafs team who needed jam and sand paper last year drafted; 1 Russian, 2 Fins and 3 Americans all described as rather on the small size 5'9 to 5'11. The Leafs have gotten smaller and gentler… this team sits among 40000 kids who love the Leafs… it really does boggle the mind."

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