VIDEO: Mike Babcock Goes Off On Refs After Opening Goal.

Published December 13, 2017 at 12:10

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost 4-2 to the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday night, a game which saw them blow a 2-1 lead in the third period. Leafs head coach Mike Babcock was obviously not happy with the team's third period and felt the team gifted the Flyers two goals on a platter. The Leafs coach was very clear that he felt his team didn't execute properly and should have came away with at least one point, and walking away with zero was on them. However, during last night's game, it definitely looked like Babcock felt the first goal was on the refs. The goal that put the Flyers up 1-0 came off a faceoff loss, which was taken by Zach Hyman because Patrick Marleau was kicked out of the circle. "Have you looked at the faceoff? It doesn't much matter. It's over with. No official tries to be involved with anything. I didn't like it."
Here's the play and freak out in question: