Shanahan Explains Why It's A Good Sign To Have Salary Cap Problems.

Published May 15, 2019 at 11:22

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced on Tuesday that they've signed President and Alternate Governor Brendan Shanahan to a six year extension. Shanahan has been with the team since April of 2014 and has played a massive role in turning the franchise around including three straight playoff appearances from 2016-17 until now. While the success has been extremely entertaining, it comes with a price and that has come to a crucial point this summer. The team has some big contracts against the cap and have found themselves up against the cap hard this summer while needing to sign Mitch Marner and get some more defensive help. Shanahan gave a bright outlook when asked by the media about the cap. "As long as we are a Stanley Cup Contender, we will have cap issues. Toronto will just have to get used to that."

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