Fan Starts Site Looking To Start Mike Babcock Boycott.

Published May 14, 2019 at 3:06 PM

With the Toronto Maple Leafs getting eliminated in the first round once again, some aren't too happy about head coach Mike Babcock. It definitely looks like the honeymoon period between fans and the Leafs head coach is over. Some want him gone, however general manager Kyle Dubas has already guaranteed Babcock will be back next year. One fan has stepped it up a notch and is looking for the official boycott of Babcock. A site has been launched by Norm Ororr at Babcott.com and the description is pretty thorough. "We're calling on Kyle Dubas and Brendan Shanahan to replace Mike Babcock with the two coaches that have proven they've got what it takes to lead the Leafs deep into the playoffs -Pat Burns and Pat Quinn. Through a scientific reanimation and hybridization process, this new super coach – to be known as The PatPat – will undoubtedly lead this talented Leaf team to the promise land!""Until Dubas and Shanny agree, we the fans vow to boycott the team under Mike Babcock. This is the Babcott, and through it we shall win the day and finally bring Yonge St. the parade it has waited so long for."The spoof site is filled with all kinds of great content including a "BabQuiz".

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