ScotiaBank Arena Being Considered As Division Host Site.

Published April 25, 2020 at 3:52 PM

The NHL is coming back sooner than many people thought and they've made some adjustments so they can finish out their season. According to multiple reports, the league will scrap the remainder of the calendar and replace the remaining games with division matchups only. Each division will have one designated host city and all teams will stay in that city and play their games at that cities home arena. Original indication had either the Florida Panthers or Tampa Bay Lightning hosting the Atlantic Division games but now the NHL is also seriously considering Toronto. Toronto has proven it can host tournament games in the past as the NHL is reportedly interested in Toronto because of how it handled the World Cup recently. The logistics make sense for the league with the arena surrounded by hotels and not much travel needed. However it would of course depend on how the pandemic plays out over the next couple of weeks in Toronto, Miami and Tampa. Edmonton is the only other Canadian city currently being considered.

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