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Wayne Gretzky Makes Big Statement About '93 Leafs.

Published April 24, 2020 at 7:00 PM

"It's a big what if question in the city of Toronto, what if the Maple Leafs would have beaten the Los Angeles Kings in the Western Conference Finals.
The Kings won the series in seven games but went on to lose to the Montreal Canadiens in five games as the Canadiens hoisted the Stanley Cup.
After taking the first game, the Kings lost Game 2 in overtime to Montreal and from there the rest is history. The Kings weren't able to win another game and "The Great One" made an interesting revelation.
When talking about the series to Sportsnet, Gretzky made a pretty statement.
"The Toronto Maple Leafs were probably a better hockey team than us," he said. "Montreal deserved to win the Stanley Cup because they were better than the Los Angeles Kings. I say this seriously and the people of Montreal will not agree, but Toronto could probably have won the Stanley Cup. "

Very strong statement by Gretzky, what do you think?


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