Frederik Andersen Explains How He Ended Up in Quarantine With Auston Matthews.

Published April 23, 2020 at 7:46 PM

"A couple of weeks ago we learned some pretty interesting information with two Toronto Maple Leafs' stars shacked up together.
Auston Matthews revealed to reporters during a conference call that he was quarantining in Arizona with Frederik Andersen.
Matthews revealed that the two had been in Arizona together.
Andersen explained how the two wound up with each other.
«Denmark was ahead of Canada and the U.S. a little bit [in terms of] being shut down so [going back there] was out of the question for me, and Auston was kind enough to offer me [the chance] to come down here and actually have someone to talk to,» Andersen said. «We get pretty competitive in some of the things we do, which is fun. I'm very appreciative of being out here.»

While the two haven't practiced too seriously together yet, Andersen admitted that he has his gear with him and the two are getting the itch.
«I do have my gear out here, so I think we're going to experiment a little bit,» Andersen said. «[Matthews] has a sports court in his house now, so I definitely think we're going to test that out and shoot some pucks and maybe I'll work on stickhandling as well as my shot. In times like this, you're coming up with something [different] like [using] a tennis ball machine so you don't miss too many steps in this little interruption of the season.»

«As a shooter, you don't really need a goalie to work on your shot. I think as a goalie, you definitely need someone to shoot at you,» Andersen said. «But I think it's all about what you do in your time off. I've been focusing on trying to keep sharp. I don't want to make it into an excuse or anything, so I just want to try to make the wait worthwhile and be ready when we do start back up.»

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