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Report: Carolina Hurricanes Have Been In Contact With Leafs' About Nylander.

Published September 28, 2018 at 3:41 PM

We're under a week away from the Toronto Maple Leafs' season starting and restricted free agent William Nylander is still without a contract. While it was nothing to worry about a couple of weeks ago, with the season starting on Wednesday, it's a different situation now. While appearing on TSN 1050, NHL Insider Pierre LeBrun spoke on the situation and confirmed that Leafs' general manager Kyle Dubas is receiving plenty of phone calls. The insider mentioned if Nylander were to change teams, a trade is way more likely than an offer sheet. «There's a lot of reasons why it hardly happens,» said LeBrun in terms of offer sheets in the NHL. «No. 1, the teams that would really want William Nylander right now, most of them, are the teams that also can't spare first and second-round picks because they're bubble teams.

«For example, I can tell you that I know the Carolina Hurricanes are among the teams that have phoned of late to check in on William Nylander with the Leafs. Just in case. As they should, by the way. ‘Are you trading him?' They were told no.
«But they're not going to offer-sheet him because who's to say where Carolina is going to finish in the standings this year. Are you going to give away a first, a second, and a third if you sign him for $8.1 million or less?

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