Brian Burke Admits He Forced Coaches To Play Colton Orr Every Night.

Published September 28, 2018 at 12:00

The days of the Brian Burke era seem long gone, the new Leafs' are faster and way more skilled. With Brian Burke and John Ferguson's teams a distant memory, we learned something interesting and probably not surprising.While appearing on Sportsnet 650 recently, Burke admitted that while you usually let a coach make his own roster decisions, sometimes you step in when you see fit. «I didn't like how we were playing in Toronto and I told the coaching staff that Colton Orr is going to dress every night,» Burke said. «And you know the game was going more skill and more speed, and Colton's a big battleship guy. And they didn't like it but I said ‘That's on me, you pick the other 11 forwards but you're dressing him.'»
The Leafs drew plenty of criticism for dressing Orr night after night, and now we know exactly what went behind the decision.

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