PHOTOS: Auston Matthews Takes Part In GQ Photo Shoot.

Published September 27, 2018 at 9:02 PM

While John Tavares has stolen some headlines in Toronto, Auston Matthews is still all the rage. The young forward is still the team's franchise player and recently he was able to show that not only does he have style on the ice, but he's got it off the ice as well. Matthews was featured in GQ with a huge interview and a nice little photo spread as well. The interview itself is mostly about his life in Toronto and life being a bachelor, however we did learn about his superstitions. "For probably, like, five years now, I've always taped my stick the same way: from the toe to the blade to the heel. I always put my left shin-pad and my left skate on first until I get to my upper body. I do a lot of different stuff to get my mind right and get in the zone. I always say a prayer before I get off the ice from warmups. And then, even during warmups, I'll have stuff I like to do with the puck or different skating stuff. I feel like it's all a mental checklist in your mind to get yourself ready for the games."
To check out the full interview click here, you can check out the photos below:

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