Rasmus Sandin Calls Out William Nylander.

Published December 11, 2020 at 4:46 PM

The NHL season will start in a couple of weeks and while we might not have any preseason games, we'll still get to enjoy some battles at camp. Training camp is expected to be about 10 days long and it looks like we've already got one battle to look forward to during Leafs' camp. Young Leafs' defenseman Rasmus Sandin has spent the last three months bulking up and he's calling out a fellow Swede. He says he's a lot stronger and ready to take down William Nylander during battle drills. «I'm definitely a lot stronger. ... Even William can't even handle me on the ice right now,»
He's been working with Nylander a bit during the offseason. «He's obviously a great player, so going against him, I can play in a little bit of a different way,» said Sandin. «Before I definitely was just more trying to have my stick and trying to be more in a good position. Now I can pair that up… with pushing other players from the puck a bit more and winning those battles."
Sounds like the duo have become pretty close.

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