Here's Who The Leafs Would Likely Lose During The Expansion Draft.

Published December 7, 2020 at 8:04 PM

While there's still lots of questions whether we'll be seeing hockey for the 2020-21 season, teams are still looking ahead at the 2021-22 season as well. The Seattle Kraken will be joining the league which means another expansion draft and much like the Vegas expansion draft, we could see teams lose some pretty big pieces. It'll pretty much be the exact same rules which means that any player with a full no movement clause will have to automatically be protected. That means the Maple Leafs big guns won't be going anywhere but they'll be losing somebody. Jonas Siegel of The Athletic recently put together a piece looking at who the Leafs will likely lose. According to Siegel, the most likely candidate to leave the Leafs and move to Seattle is Travis Dermott."He'd be a nice score for Seattle, with all the physical tools — the sturdy build, wondrous skating ability and moderate skill — to become a top four defenceman in the NHL. A chance with the league's 32nd team might give him the opportunity he needs to flourish. "Would you be OK with losing Dermott during the expansion draft?

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