Update Regarding Nylander To Flyers Trade Chatter.

Published December 7, 2020 at 4:00 PM

Last week we heard a report that the Toronto Maple Leafs could be shipping off forward William Nylander to the Philadelphia Flyers. While the consensus is that the current Leafs' roster will get one more shot at getting over the playoff hump before being torn down, an impactful trade before the season could help stimulate the team's motivation. The rumour we heard last week had Nylander going to the Flyers for defenseman Travis Sanheim. There would likely be more added to both sides of the trade but it's an interesting starting point. Eklund from HockeyBuzz updated the trade chatter this past weekend:"Just talked to a source who said the Flyers would move "any D-man NOT named Provorov and a pick" for Nylander and the Leafs haven't said no. This is simply not going away."If you could have any dman from the Flyers not named Provorov who would you take?Justin Braun seems to be the most reliable righty on the team?

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