New contract projections for Bertuzzi, Domi, Samsonov, Brodie revealed

Mike Armenti
May 3, 2024  (10:41)

Tyler Bertuzzi
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Early contract projections for Tyler Bertuzzi, Max Domi, Ilya Samsonov and T.J. Brodie's are in and all four contract projections are a little too large for comfort.

Daily Faceoff's Frank Seravalli decided to get ahead of the game this week and share some contract projections for the top 50 pending UFAs well in advance of July 1st. The four aforementioned Leafs fell among the top 50, but if these projections are any indication, the Leafs are going to have to kiss at least 2 of these players goodbye - possibly 3.
Seravalli used projections provided by AFP Analytics. Here's where the Leafs landed and how much each is likely to earn on their next deals if everything goes according to plan for their agents this summer.
Tyler Bertuzzi was the first Leaf listed, all the way down at #14 on the list. His projection comes in at $6M per season over 5 years. I like the term on Bertuzzi, but that AAV seems a touch high, given his offensive struggles this season.
Next was Max Domi at #19. Of the bunch, Domi's deal seems the most realistic, at $4.2M per season over 3 years. This seems like it's something that could end up very close to the final result.
The next Leaf did not appear until #48 on the list, with Ilya Samsonov being projected to earn $3.25M per season over the next 2 seasons. Yes, I understand that Samsonov is earning $3.55M this season, but I feel as though $3.25M is still too high for a goalie who is prone to letting in soft goals.
T.J. Brodie landed at #49, just one spot back of Samsonov. AFP Analytics has Brodie lined up for a 3-year deal at $4.8M per season, just a hair under his current $5M AAV. This obviously seems steep for a player who was in and out of the lineup at the end of this season and who has played just 1 playoff game for the Leafs thus far.
For the full list, see Seravalli's link here:
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New contract projections for Bertuzzi, Domi, Samsonov, Brodie revealed

Which deal would you be most likely to accept if you were the Maple Leafs?

Brodie (3x$4.8M)101.6 %
Samsonov (2x$3.25M)223.6 %
Domi (3x$4.2M)47778.1 %
Bertuzzi (5x$6M)10216.7 %
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