John Carlson On The Leafs?

Published May 2, 2018 at 12:14

"There's going to be changes to the Toronto Maple Leafs on and off the ice this summer. With Lou Lamoriello being moved to a different position on the team, the team will be hiring a new general manager. The team will also likely see forwards James van Riemsdyk, Tyler Bozak, Tomas Plekanec, Dominc Moore and Leo Komarov walk to sign with other teams. The team is stacked up front so they wont be in serious need to replace those guys, but they will be in serious need to get some help on the blueline. One name that's been thrown out there as he could hit the free agent market this summer is Washington Capitals' defenseman John Carlson. If he does hit the open market, the 28 year old will without a doubt be the best defenseman available and hit a huge pay day, but what are the chances that pay day comes with the Toronto Maple Leafs?NHL insider Bob McKenzie spoke on the possibility recently when talking about how the Leafs can improve their blueline:«I don't think big-game hunting,» said McKenzie. «I»d be really surprised. But I think those decisions haven't been made. They've got to do a postmortem here to figure out how they're going to go. But I just think it's going to be too difficult big-game hunting – the cost, the dollars, the term.
«I think they need to address their blueline, but I don't think they need to blow it up. And in order to get a Karlsson or a Doughty or somebody of that magnitude… and John Carlson, as a free agent I don't think he's coming to Canada. I don't think there's a chance. An American guy, I think he'd prefer to play in the States.»
McKenzie also predicted what Carlson's payday might look like «he's going to get a six or a seven-year deal at $7 million-plus.».


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