Plekanec Makes Big Statement About His Future.

Published May 1, 2018 at 11:33

After playing 981 games with the Montreal Canadiens, forward Tomas Plekanec was shipped off to the Toronto Maple Leafs at this years trade deadline. The former Canadiens forward now sits at 998 career NHL games played and is definitely hoping to reach the 1000 games played mark. What uniform he'll do that in next year is a big question. While Plekanec won't make the $6million a year he did on his previous contract, he'll have no problem finding a job this summer.While speaking with TVA Sports, Plekanec made it clear what his intentions are. "Obviously, as I said before, my priority is to play for the Montreal Canadiens," said Plekanec. "But I do not know what will happen. I do not know the plans of Marc (Bergevin) and Claude Julien. So everything is open from now until July 1st. My heart is in Montreal. As I said, my priority is Montreal. [...] But things can happen differently. "The Leafs could lose Plekanec along with Dominic Moore and Tyler Bozak to free agency this summer. Moore didn't seem to be one of Babcock's favourites and Bozak will likely hit a nice payday on the free agent market.Would you like to see Plekanec sign a team friendly contract and be the Leafs fourth line center if he doesn't sign with the Habs?

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