Could the Leafs do the unthinkable and trade Joseph Woll this summer?

Michael Sukut
June 1, 2024  (9:37)

Toronto Maple Leafs' goaltender Joseph Woll
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With Joseph Woll finding it a challenge to remain healthy, the Maple Leafs may discuss the idea of trading him while his value is still quite high.

There was a time last season where Woll looked ready to take the starting job for the Toronto Maple Leafs and run with it.
On Dec. 7, a high-ankle sprain against the Ottawa Senators took Woll out of action for about two months.
The 25-year-old struggled in games following the injury, which was expected, leading to a more even split in goal down the stretch, ultimately losing the starting gig to Samsonov for the first 4 games of the playoffs.
He was then thrust into the starting role with the Leafs down 3-1 against Boston, and was instrumental in pushing the series to seven games. However, when another injury pushed him back onto the sidelines for Game 7, it was clear that health issues are a real concern for the young netminder, who cannot seem to stay healthy
The Leafs ultimately havd two options here. They can roll the dice on Woll as a starter and supply him with a quality veteran backup goaltender or they can try and facilitate a trade for a true number one goalie this summer.
With Samsonov's contract expiring this summer, the Leafs have a very important decision to make on Woll. If they view him as a true, viable number one goalie, then keeping him and helping him to find a way to remain healthy is a pretty good option A. However, if they have their doubts, then option B could be to package him in a deal and turn him into a true number one who can start 60 games.
The truth is, unless the Leafs plan to use Mitch Marner as a trade chip this summer, they have very little to work with in order to acquire a starting goalie. They've already labeled Easton Cowan, Fraser Minten and Matthew Knies as untouchables. They don't have a whole lot of draft capital over the next 3 seasons. Using Woll as bait to acquire a top-quality goalie might be the best option available to them.
When you're in "win now" mode, it can be tricky. On one hand, you know that you have a limited window to work with and that trading futures to try to win a championship is a viable option. On the other hand, with a pretty good stable of young players, you can potentially keep your young guys together and hopefully open up a second competition window instead of mortgaging the future if you might not win now anyway.
Some big decisions ahead for the Maple Leafs this summer, but if they are worried about Woll's inability to remain healthy, then perhaps moving him while he still has a lot of value might be a smarter option than just maintaining the status quo and hoping he stays healthy and watching his value depreciate with injury after injury. It's a really tough call.
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Could the Leafs do the unthinkable and trade Joseph Woll this summer?

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