Insider claims to know Mitch Marner's landing spot and the actual trade return

Ryan Smitheram
May 31, 2024  (12:40)

Mitch Marner
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Mitch Marner has been rumoured to be on the move this off-season and The Fourth Period's Dennis Berstein revealed the team and players he's likely to be traded for.

After another disappointing playoff run, Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brad Treliving and President of Hockey Operations Brendan Shanahan firmly noted that 'everything is on the table' in order to help push the team to the pinnacle of the NHL.
The most talked about and rumoured change is dismantling the "Core 4", specifically moving John Tavares or Mitch Marner as they are both in the final year of their current contracts.
Tavares has openly stated that he plans to play the final year of his deal in Toronto, and while Marner has implied the same and has said he wants to stay in Toronto long-term, it seems he is being pushed out by fans and the media.

One insider already claims to know where Mitch Marner will end up and what the return for the Maple Leafs will be.

Dennis Berstein of The Fourth Period was on Sportsnet's 'The Big Show' this week and was asked if he felt Mitch Marner would be traded and, if so, to what team?
"Yep. Vegas. Here's why. I'll give you two guys on the last year of their deals. William Karlsson and Shea Theodore and look at their combined cap hit and tell me if the math works."

At a cap hit of $10.9M moving Marner's contract is no small feat and he would obviously have to agree to waive his no-movement clause, but what Berstein said makes sense. The combined cap hit of Karlsson and Theodore is $11.1M. By moving the pair for Marner, the Knights actually gain cap space, while the extra $200K the Leafs would have to take on doesn't hinder their off-season much, if at all. The Leafs are also reportedly willing to pay Marner's $7.25M signing bonus, which is due on July 1st if it helps facilitate a trade.
This isn't the first time Vegas has come up as the likely destination for Marner, given that they are a perennial contender, are a tax-free state, are willing to spend and have the asset(s) the Leafs may covet.
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Insider claims to know Mitch Marner's landing spot and the actual trade return

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