Current and former NHLers share more awful Mike Babcock information

Nick Matthews
May 31, 2024  (8:08 PM)

Mike Babcock
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Nearly a year after the scandal in Columbus, more of Mike Babcock's former players have come forward to share information on the problematic ex-Maple Leafs coach.

Mike Babcock coached for a plethora of teams during his career from 2002-2020. Many former players who were coached by Babcock have spoken out on his unorthodox style of coaching and erratic behaviour in recent years.
Now, more stories of the horrific exploits of the former NHL coach are mentioned in an article recently published by The Athletic. Some of the quotes mentioned, are haunting.
Some players preferred to remain anonymous, as they are still afraid of speaking out publicly for fear of what might become of their ongoing careers.
I get the shivers when I think about it, he said. But that was just one out of a hundred things he did. The tip of the iceberg. - Anonymous

Former Detroit Red Wings player Johan Franzen had this to say about Babcock.
He's a terrible person, the worst I have ever met. He's a bully who was attacking people... It could be a cleaner at the arena in Detroit or anybody. He would lay into people without any reason.

Franzen later mentions, that after 2011 he was frighten to even go to the rink, as he did not know what verbal abuse Babcock would throw at him.
Hall of famer, Chris Chelios had this to say about Babcock:
Literally, he was calling [Franzen] into his office once a week to call him a fat pig and say that your teammates hate you and why don't you just quit.

Former Leaf and current NHL analyst Frankie Corrado, who had a brief stint with Mike Babcock in 2015-17, mentions Babcock told him:
I have no idea who you are.

Corrado also mentioned that he obtained severe mental health issues from his interactions with the former NHL coach.
Corrado explains:
I experienced panic attacks and threw up regularly before games because of anxiety.

He never experienced these things before being coached by Babcock.
The article goes on to explain more inexcusable actions Babcock did to his former players. The question that arises is, how many others were victim of Babcocks coaching antics.
For more on this, see the link to the article below:
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Current and former NHLers share more awful Mike Babcock information

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