Amazing update regarding 21-year-old Leafs prospect battling horrible disease

Published July 30, 2023 at 11:08

When the Toronto Maple Leafs announced back in February of 2022 that Rodion Amirov had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, the focus quickly changed from when the player would be ready to come over to North America to a great deal of concern for the young winger's health. Hockey was secondary then and it's still secondary now.

Recently, Kyle Cushman, a reporter for The Score, had suggested that the lack of information on Amirov might indicate that his pro hockey career may be over and that his recent contract extension with Salavat Yulayev may have been just to keep him around the team to help keep his spirits up. However, a report from Salavat's General Director himself, Rinat Bashirov, has provided a much more hopeful outlook on Amirov's situation.

When asked about the new contract and how Amirov is currently doing, Bashirov provided the following insight:

"He continues treatment, there is a positive trend. He has full confidence that he will go on the ice. Of course, if Rodion played for us, it would be a completely different team. I can tell that he has matured a lot. He continues to work, his parents and we support him very much, and, of course, Rodion took the signing of the contract positively. We pray for him. I believe that he will return, we are all waiting for him."

What an amazing thing to hear. While the 21-year-old is still not yet fully in the clear, the report about his focus and the team's focus right now is very encouraging. Obviously, it goes without saying that hockey is still not the primary concern here, but the fact that Salavat is already thinking about having Amirov back on the ice should have everyone feeling a little more optimistic about his future.

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Amazing update regarding 21-year-old Leafs prospect battling horrible disease

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