The top 3 examples of Max Domi's short fuse and why he's exactly what the Leafs need

Mike Armenti
July 30, 2023  (10:23)

There's plenty to like about the Max Domi signing in Toronto if you're a Maple Leafs fan. The organization has had a few true antagonists on the roster in recent years, but perhaps nobody with a fuse as short as Domi's.

Over the years, we have been treated to some memorable moments from Domi, but these are perhaps the 3 that stand out to me the most as prime examples of what Domi will bring to the team.
1. Domi's infamous sucker punch on Aaron Ekblad
Back in 2018, Max Domi was looking to make an impression in his first game with the Montreal Canadiens. He did just that when he targeted star defenseman Aaron Ekblad, pulling him into an altercation that the former 1st overall pick wanted no part of, delivering a stiff shot to the face of Ekblad and sending him crashing down to the ice, a bloody mess. Domi earned a match penalty on the play, so he didn't exactly help his team there, but it showed that he's not afraid to target the other team's star players and make life miserable for them on any given night.
2. Domi attacking Hawks defenseman Connor Murphy after taking an elbow to the face
In April of 2021, Domi and the Blue Jackets were playing host to the Chicago Blackhawks. While pursuing the puck carrier, Connor Murphy, on a hard forecheck, Domi took a delayed hooking penalty, but kept his focus on the play to try to get a stoppage. Behind his own net, Murphy got the elbow up into the face of Domi, who took exception. Domi, already frustrated with the call and the elbow to the face, wanted to make an example of Murphy, absolutely rag-dolling the 6'4, 212 pound defender after the whistle. Domi is just 5'10 and around 190 pounds.
3. Domi comes to the defense of a downed teammate after a late hit in the playoffs
During the first round of this year's playoffs, Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba took a run at veteran forward Joe Pavelski in what can only be described as a late, reckless hit. Domi, having seen all of this unfold from high in the defensive zone awaiting an outlet pass, rushed to the defense of Pavelski, grabbing Dumba and absolutely pummeling him. If the Leafs have any concerns about teammates not sticking up for one another, that's not an issue they'll have with Domi out on the ice - especially in the playoffs, when emotions are extra high and the games matter more.
There are plenty of examples of what Domi will bring to the table for the Leafs, but these 3 scenarios should perfectly outline what having Domi on the roster will do for the Leafs. We know that Sheldon Keefe doesn't like it when his team doesn't remained disciplined, but sometimes, when the situation calls for it, you need a bit of a loose cannon out there. Domi can fill that role for the Leafs; he just has to pick and choose the appropriate times when he decides to flip that switch.
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The top 3 examples of Max Domi's short fuse and why he's exactly what the Leafs need

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