Matt Rempe elbows Jonas Siegenthaler
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Leaf fans irate with the handling of the Matt Rempe suspension in New York

Published March 12, 2024 at 6:11 PM

Well, it came a few games too late, but the Department of Player Safety has finally taken notice of Rangers forward Matt Rempe. The hulking 6'7 rookie has been a menace since getting his first call up. Laying several questionable hits, including one on Leafs defenceman Ilya Lyubushkin. He's also gone toe to toe with some of the league's biggest heavyweights, Ryan Reaves included, with mixed results.

Last time Rempe and the Rangers faced off against the New Jersey Devils was February 22nd. Rempe was ejected from that game for this hit on Nathan Bastian.

On March 1st, the Devils traded for heavyweight enforcer Kurtis MacDermid. MacDermid had obviously seen the hit on Bastian, and asked Rempe to answer for it early in the game. Rempe, having taken a few lumps and learned some lessons from other enforcers lately, turned the fight down. Early in the second period, Rempe would cross the line again, catching Jonas Seigenthaler with a downright ugly elbow to the face. Rempe was once again ejected, but not before hiding behind the referees from an incensed MacDermid.

MacDermid obviously wasn't happy with Rempe after the game, especially after Rempe taunted him by waving as he was escorted off the ice. According to MacDermid, Rempe's refusal to answer the bell, along with his antics, was a violation of hockey's unwritten code.

Honestly, I'm with MacDermid on this one. If you're going to throw reckless hits and act tough, you have to answer the bell when called upon. Refusal will only lead to escalation, next time, I'd be willing to bet MacDermid doesn't give Rempe the opportunity to say no.

Today, the Department of Player Safety announced a phone hearing for Rempe, meaning he could, at most, be suspended for 4 games. This afternoon the ruling came down and Rempe did receive the full 4 game ban. Honestly, I don't think it's enough. Rempe has played all of 9 NHL games and has already thrown 3 incredibly dangerous hits. The fact that such a blatant, forceful elbow only gets four games while Morgan Rielly was slapped with a 5 game suspension for a crosscheck that was nowhere near as dangerous is absolutely ridiculous. Unfortunately at this point, we should know more than to expect George Parros to do his job properly.

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Leaf fans irate with the handling of the Matt Rempe suspension in New York

Did the DOPS get the Matt Rempe suspension right?

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