NHL 2024 All-Star weekend will be held in Toronto this year
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Exciting news surrounding the 2024 NHL All-Star skills competition revealed

Published January 15, 2024 at 8:04 PM

With the 2024 NHL All-Star weekend just a couple of short weeks away, there are more announcements coming out of Toronto ahead of this exciting event.

There will be a thrilling new concept behind this years All-Stars weekend. Twelve of the most exhilarating and talented players chosen (ten by the NHL and two by fans) will compete in eight skills competitions and will earn points towards a one million dollar reward. Only the best and most consistent will have a chance to cash in!

They are keeping the traditions of some of the favorite skill competition challenges from over the years. From skating, to shooting, passing, stick handling, and accuracy.

Another new concept being brought to the skills competition is that each of the twelve players will compete in the first six competitions, and will be ranked with a points system. The top eight will advance to the seventh event. Finally, with the seventh event completed, the top six will advance to the final event.

This will lead to some friendly competition between NHL teammates and give them the rare chance to compete against one another, especially for the ones who have never had the opportunity to do so.

The jerseys unveiled for the 2024 All-Star weekend are a collaboration designed by Adidas and Justin Bieber's Drew House. The goal behind the vibrant classic colours and doodle-like youthful logo designs are to recognize the youth that watch the game of hockey and the young stars that make up the league.

This new concept should bring an exciting twist to the NHL All-Star skills competition allowing the best of the best to showcase their talent while keeping the fans on their toes.
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Exciting news surrounding the 2024 NHL All-Star skills competition revealed

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