Ilya Samsonov reflects on his return to the lineup

Published January 15, 2024 at 6:42 PM

After two weeks without any game action, a trip to the waiver wire, one practice with the Toronto Marlies and a week spent with the development staff, Toronto Maple Leafa goaltender Ilya Samsonov returned to action last night. Against the Detroit Red Wings, Samsonov gave up 3 goals on 23 shots and once again posting a save percentage well below .900. However, Samsonov did look much better than he had at any point in the season thus far, which is a sign that his time away from the team worked.

Following the game, Samsonov was asked about his return and what it meant to have the fan support.

"I love those guys. No secret for everybody, I love the fans, I love the city. I enjoy to play. I enjoy to be here every day. Thank you so much. It's amazing."

Samsonov continued by touching on where he goes from here to which he responded in the best and most logical way.

»I don't want to focus on the big picture. Step by step»

With the Leafs heading out West for a four-game road trip that will see them face Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Seattle there is hope from the Leafs that Samsonov will be able to build off of his return. Having now lost 3 in a row, the Leafs will need to collect some points in what will be a very tough stretch out West.

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