Update Regarding Offer Sheets For Mitch Marner.

Published September 13, 2019 at 12:19

Over the last couple of days with the start of training camp, we've heard lots of different reports regarding the Mitch Marner situation. One of those reports has Marner negotiating a possible offer sheet with other teams on a three year deal. While he might be in negotiations now, he wasn't so willing to hear the offers earlier in the season. Craig Custance of The Athletic put together a feature on the restricted free agent situation around the league and had some interesting tidbits about the situation. Custance reports that Marner and his camp rejected two very serious offer sheets from teams earlier in the summer. While speaking to an agent, it was pointed out to Custance that the prime time for an offer sheet would be after October 2 when the Leafs lose their salary cap cushion. If players are willing to sit out all of training camp and teams lose their cushion once the season starts, that opens a potentially fruitful window on the offer sheet front on Oct. 2. One veteran agent predicted that we'll see at least one offer sheet once the season starts.«July 1 is not when you make an offer sheet,» he said. «The club has a 10 percent cushion above where they need to finish.»

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