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TSN 1050 Discusses If Frederik Andersen Is An Elite Goaltender

Published December 7, 2017 at 9:28 PM

"Since the start of November, very few goaltenders have played better than Frederik Andersen of the Toronto Maple Leafs. After a slow start to the season, Andersen has arguably been the best player on the Leafs roster.

Jamie McLennan spoke about Andersen's play during his appearance on TSN 1050's Leafs Lunch on Thursday and had some interesting things to say on whether or not he is an elite goaltender.

«I think he's on the path to being that. For me, I'll stop short of it because you have to prove it,» McLennan said, per Maple Leafs Hot Stove. «Jonathan Quick didn't show up in the league and they said, «He's an elite goaltender, just go with that.» He had to prove it by playing 70 games year in and year out and backing it up with solid play. Corey Crawford — the same thing. Roberto Luongo. Cory Schneider, for example, had a down season last year but you knew he had the skills to be an elite goaltender. He had to prove it. Cam Talbot did last year and then he stubbed his toe out of the gates. All of a sudden, you're starting to second-guess. Was that a one-off? What is Cam Talbot when he's healthy?

«Frederik Andersen is on the path to being an elite goaltender. There are other goaltenders in front of him because they've proven that. If Andersen continues to prove it — if he plays another 60+ games this year and shows he can handle the workload, the duress — he can continue to push forward. Braden Holtby is another guy that comes to mind; there are goaltenders that are in front of him, as far as being deemed elite, but it doesn't mean he's not on the path to being an elite goaltender.»

Do you think Frederik Andersen is an elite goaltender?

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