The Cost To Sign Jacob Trouba Revealed.

Published June 17, 2019 at 12:28

The NHL offseason pushes forward as we've seen a bit of activity across the league. Of course we won't see anything on the Leafs' side until they get Mitch Marner signed. Once the Marner signing is complete, the Leafs will likely start making some noise and fans want to see general manager Kyle Dubas add some defensive help. One of the names that's been attached to the Leafs' a lot is Winnipeg Jets forward Jacob Trouba.However, from the sound of things, he might be outside of the Leafs' budget. Larry Brooks of the New York Post reports that Trouba is looking to sign a seven year deal worth $7.5million a season with the team that acquires him through trade. Not only will his future contract be expensive, Brooks adds the cost to acquire him is a first round pick and "a pair of legit prospects or young NHLers". We're pretty sure you can cross the Leafs off as a possible destination.

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