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A Chance The Leafs Sign Erik Karlsson?

Published June 14, 2019 at 1:57 PM

Now that the St. Louis Blues have hoisted the Stanley Cup, the NHL offseason is officially underway. We've already seen it get going thanks to the Philadelphia Flyers who swapped defensemen with the Washington Capitals. It's going to be really something to watch this summer when it comes to NHL defenseman as an elite blueliner has the opportunity to become a free agent. Erik Karlsson will without a doubt touch Drew Doughty type numbers and could take home $11million a year. The San Jose Sharks are the only team that can sign Karlsson to eight years instead of seven, but they'll only be able to offer seven if they can't get a deal done before July 1st. The Athletic's Kevin Kurz who covers the Sharks spoke with reporters around the league to find out the chances Karlsson would take on each city. It should come to nobody's surprise that the Leafs have "no chance" at signing Karlsson in the article. Here's the Leafs' part of the article:"Karlsson would be a great fit for the Leafs (and just about every other team!). He's a highly-skilled, play-driving, point-producing, right-shooting defenceman who would immediately erase the big red question mark on their top pair. Oh, but the price. With Mitch Marner's massive second deal looming, Auston Matthews' second deal hitting the books, and new deals for Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson coming soon, the Leafs won't be swimming in cap space for the coming season. Certainly not the kind to go big on a deal for someone like Karlsson, who may just snatch Drew Doughty coin ($11 million cap hit) this summer. So while Karlsson fits, the Leafs will almost certainly pursue other, less-expensive options to fill the hole atop their defense." Jonas Siegel

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