Tavares Gives Status Update After Brutal Playoff Injury.

Published August 27, 2021 at 7:11 PM

"After a longer offseason than they had hoped for, the Toronto Maple Leafs are starting to get ready for training camp next month. One player we'll all be happy to see back in a Leafs' uniform is captain John Tavares after he suffered a brutal playoff injury.
Tavares appeared on the NHL Network on Friday and gave an update on his status and what he's been going through this summer. "It's been a great offseason for myself, obviously from a health standpoint, but even more so I think just continuing to get back to work and try to get better and recover well, obviously I think some time really helps," Tavares said. "I'm really fortunate that it wasn't anything much more than the incident and I really kind of came out of the hospital and I've been doing really well ever since and didn't really have any hiccups or any issues, just kind of kept building from there.
"So it's been a good offseason, I'm doing great."He was never given an official timeline for return but has ramped up his activity lately. "It was nice to just kind of get back out and working on some things I wanted to work on," Tavares said. "Come off the injury and be on the ice a lot and get a good feel for my game and go from there and then just try to be out there with a good bunch of guys up here up north."
Hopefully he'll be ready for the start of the season. "

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