Andersen Not Happy With Final Result In Toronto.

Published August 27, 2021 at 2:38 PM

"During the offseason the Toronto Maple Leafs and Carolina Hurricanes pulled off a bit of a goalie switch. Frederik Andersen hit free agency and signed with the Hurricanes while Petr Mrazek hit free agency and signed with the Leafs. It was the end of the road for Andersen who spent the last five seasons with the Leafs. While he enjoyed his time with teammates, he leaves with a bit of a sour taste because of the results and never being able to get past the first round. "I'm obviously not happy with what we accomplished in the playoffs. Everyone knows that we wanted more out of that, especially this year. We had a really good team," the former Toronto Maple Leafs netminder said Thursday on "Good Show" with Sportsnet's JD Bunkis.
"(Goaltenders) always get probably more of the credit than we deserve, same goes with the blame. That's just something that comes with the territory," Andersen said. "I never really felt that it was too unfair, I had pretty high expectations for myself ... I think, in general, fans appreciated me. I definitely appreciated the time in Toronto as well."What do you think of Andersen's comments?"

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