Spezza Says Leafs' Have Advantage When Season Continues.

Published April 22, 2020 at 4:34 PM

"We're not sure yet, but the NHL will be back as the league works almost around the clock to figure out the best plan to get back to action.
The majority of the players and owners want to get back on the ice ASAP.
Recently some players have spoken out saying that the younger teams will clearly have an advantage with the older players needing more time to get up to speed.
That's exactly why Toronto Maple Leafs' forward Jason Spezza feels the Leafs will have an advantage.
«Youth helps probably,» he said, explaining that players will be in better physical shape than on-ice shape. «Young guys can bounce back quickly. (That) sets us up well.»

Spezza adds the time off will allow them to refocus mentally and come back fresh.
«(It's) the chance to look back on the season without having to look back on a playoff loss,»

What do you think of Spezza's comments?


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