John Scott Reveals Why He Fought Phil Kessel.

Published April 19, 2020 at 8:16 PM

"It was probably one of the weirdest out of nowhere fights we've seen involving the Toronto Maple Leafs in a long time. Leafs' sniper at the time, Phil Kessel, threw down very briefly with NHL heavyweight champ John Scott. It was a moment that was building between the two teams and it actually led to a full on line brawl. Scott finally revealed why exactly he went after Kessel and he says it's because of the Leafs' coach at the time, Randy Carlyle. "It was Randy Carlyle to be honest with you, he was the reason behind the whole thing," said Scott. "The shift before someone on Toronto Jamie Devane beat up one of my guys Corey Tropp so I was feeling I wanted a little retribution. So there was a lot of tough guys dressed and I went up to Toronto's bench and I said 'throw someone out and we're gonna fight and I'm gonna beat this guy's doors off' cause I was upset."
"I'm just staring at the bench and I'm hoping somebody jumps over so I can take care of business. I told my line 'I'm gonna jump somebody I don't know who it is' and he throws out Kessel and... 'I just say I'm doing it.'
"It all lands on Carlyle. If he would have thrown out a tough guy it would have been done and there would have been nothing more to it. He threw out Kessel and I called his bluff and away we went."You can check out the fight again below and see how it went down. It's interesting to see Carlyle and Scott before Scott drops the gloves.


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