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Report: Leafs About To Sign Marner To Deal That Will Make The Rest Of The NHL Very Upset.

Published September 13, 2019 at 6:08 PM

"We've heard lots of speculation about the Mitch Marner situation over the last couple of days and months. However we've finally got a report that it seems the saga might finally come to an end. Chris Johnston of Sportsnet reports that the two sides are close on a six year deal. Johnston adds that just like the Auston Matthews contract, it's a deal that could make the rest of the NHL very upset. The NHL insider adds that it'll likely be a deal for six years and an AAV of $10.5million. Johnston also points out that the Leafs know they aren't winning anything at the bargaining table so at this point in time are just trying to get the deal done. Are you ok with this type of contract for Marner?


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