Radko Gudas was public enemy number one in his return to Toronto
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Radko Gudas cowers in fear when confronted by Ryan Reaves

Published February 18, 2024 at 9:27

Leaf fans aren't known to forgive or forget past transgressions. We've been waiting all season to see Radko Gudas face the music for what he did as a member of the Florida Panthers last season. In overtime of Game 5 of the second round, Gudas held Calle Jarnkrok's stick, preventing him from making a defensive play on Nick Cousins, who scored the series winner seconds later. Gudas then took it upon himself to bend down and scream in the face of rookie goaltender Joseph Woll, far surpassing even Ridley Greig's level of poor sportsmanship.

Gudas signed with Anaheim in the off-season, but a change in uniform wasn't enough to make the Leafs or their fans forget. Gudas alluded to this in his pre-game media availability.

Gudas may have felt great before the puck dropped, making his witty comments to the media. Oddly, he wasn't so talkative after. In fact, there's not a single quote available from Gudas post game. Odd, right?

The Leafs made Gudas look like a punk from start to finish during last night's game. Gudas was on the ice for 5 goals against and on the bench for both Ducks goals. On the scoreboard alone, the Leafs fed Gudas his lunch, but that wasn't enough.

Before Ryan Reaves could get involved, Gudas went after Max Domi. Even with the size advantage, Gudas opted to go for a dangerous take down rather than trade punches.

When confronted by Ryan Reaves, Gudas' true cowardice was exposed. Gudas went for a cheap, low hit on Reaves, then failed to even look him in the eyes when Reaves took exception.

He then took another shot at Reaves before once again hiding behind the officials while being berated by players and fans alike.

As a fan, I don't think there could possibly be a more satisfying ending here. Sure, it would have been cool to see Reavo beat the snot out of Gudas. At that point though, Gudas would have to be given credit for having the courage to answer the bell. Now everyone knows that Gudas is nothing but a fake tough guy and a coward. To top it all off, he finished the night a -4 and had a miserable time in Toronto. It looks good on him.
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Radko Gudas cowers in fear when confronted by Ryan Reaves

Has Gudas paid his debt? Or should there be more retribution?

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