NHL Insider Gives Update On Marner Situation.

Published August 16, 2019 at 10:45

"The Mitch Marner contract negotiations have been quite the dramatic timeline so far. While Auston Matthews was able to get his deal during the season, from all accounts it seems like the Marner contract is heading more towards the William Nylander direction in regards to negotiations. Both sides still hope this much talked about deal gets done before training camp.NHL insider Chris Johnston appeared on Sportsnet's Tim & Sid this week and gave an update regarding the negotiations which is somewhat optimistic. According to Johnston the Marner deal will be somewhere in the $10million-$10.5million a season range and possibly jumping up to $11million a season if Marner is willing to go 6-7 years on contract length. However as we all know Marner wants a taste of free agency in the next couple of years and while the Leafs won't go 4-5 years, they are willing to go $10million a season for three years as reported recently. A deal like that would be the biggest bridge contract in NHL history. Either way, Johnston says Marner's deal will be the biggest for a winger on his second contract. Check out the clip below:


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