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BREAKING Leafs Player Being Sued For $8million.

Published August 13, 2019 at 1:07 PM

One of the Toronto Maple Leafs' offseason additions might find himself in a courtroom soon. Toronto Maple Leafs' defenseman Cody Ceci is being sued for $8million by Ottawa resident Hana Engel. It all goes back to a horrific accident that happened back in 2018 at Ceci's Ottawa residence where Engel received second and third degree burns to her body which included her neck and back. According to the lawsuit, Ceci's partner Jamie Thompson accidentally ignited Engel with ethanol.From the Ottawa Citizen story:Thompson was trying to refill one of three burners on an outdoor tabletop fireplace around 9 p.m. that night with Engel and other guests seated around the table in Ceci's back yard in Stittsville.According to the lawsuit, «without checking to determine if the burner had cooled and/or completely extinguished,» Thompson squirted the ethanol into the burner, causing «flames and ethanol to jet out of the bottle,» which was still in her hands when she «immediately threw the burning bottle in Hana's direction.«Hana's clothing caught fire and she was immediately engulfed in flames.»The lawsuit also claims that Ceci and Thompson were "too intoxicated and unable to appreciate the danger.... and ought not to have used dangerous or ignitable objects such as the fireplace."Engel has been left with scarring on 35% of her body because of the accident. Here's some before and after pictures including a picture of her in the hospital:

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