Mitch Marner Pens Open Letter.

Published April 8, 2020 at 3:01 PM

As the days continue to feel longer with people in lockdown across the world, it's a really scary situation for some.
Some of the most worried around the world right now are children as they don't necessarily have a full understanding of what's going on and why their parents are stressed. The routine of going to school has been broken for children and it's confusing and scary for so many.Toronto Maple Leafs' forward Mitch Marner has penned an open letter to children that we're all in the same boat. "Dear Hockey Fans, I miss hockey, and I miss all of you too. It's hard to be inside and not to be able to do the things we love. It's really hard knowing some of you are scared and worried about what's happening around the world right now. You're not alone. I get scared too. What helps me is knowing that my friends, teammates and family are feeling the same way. We are doing what we can to help each other. If you need somewhere to go to talk about your feelings or worries, Kids Help Phone is here for you - just text 686868. Someone is always there. Thinking of you all, Mitch Marner"Absolutely amazing gesture by the young Leafs' forward.

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