Mike Babcock Makes An Interesting Decision Regarding Travis Dermott.

Published January 8, 2018 at 11:55

Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock has decided to make an interesting decision regarding his blueline and young defenseman Travis Dermott. On Monday morning Babcock moved Dermott over to the right side instead of his natural left, a very interesting move considering Babcock has said before he doesn't like doing it to players at the NHL level. Dermott was on the second pairing with Jake Gardiner playing on the left side. Morgan Rielly and Ron Hainsey remained the team's top pairing while Andreas Borgman and Roman Polak made up the third pairing. Despite his previous comments, Babcock didn't really have any hesitation in regards to the move. "I just thought he was going to play that side. He's up, here's your opportunity; do you want to play or not?" Babcock said after practice.
The Leafs head coach is impressed by the youngster and just wants him to play. "In an ideal world, he'd be a right-hand shot and he'd have been on the team all year."
What do you think of Babcock's blueline for tonight's game?

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