Mike Babcock Comments On Auston Matthews Ice Time Controversy.

Published August 7, 2019 at 11:21

"Over the last two seasons there's been a lingering subject regarding Toronto Maple Leafs' head coach Mike Babcock and superstar Auston Matthews. Many fans and some analysts believe that Babcock is handcuffing Matthews' ice time and it especially was debated during the playoffs. Matt Larkin of The Hockey News recently caught up with Babcock and asked him about it. "I think each guy should manage his team the best way he can. But there's no question, I think he and John, to be as good as they're capable of being, should be right around the 19 minute mark. Some nights they're going to be 18, some nights they're going to be 20, but I think that's where (Auston's) the best, for sure. He's an important part. I think he's earned the right over time as he's gotten better and better to earn more and more. A big part of the game is you earning what you get. Your teammates respect that, and Auston's done a real good job in that area."Matthews averaged 17 minutes of ice time during the 2017-18 playoffs and 19 minutes last year. Most fans are upset he only saw 17 minutes in Game 5 against the Bruins and 18 minutes in Game 7.


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