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Lightning and Bruins fans start disrespectful chant about the Leafs

Published March 28, 2024 at 10:24

With the Atlantic Division being locked in such a tight playoff race right now, it's no surprise that there's a lot of tension between the Panthers, Lightning, Bruins and Maple Leafs.

The Lightning (87) currently sit just 2 points back of the Leafs (89) for 3rd in the Atlantic Division, while the Bruins (99) currently sit 2 points ahead of the Panthers (97) for top spot in the division. With 8-11 games remaining for these teams, it's really anyone's guess how the standings will shake out by season's end.

Last night, the Lightning and Bruins squared off in an important divisional matchup for both clubs. The Lightning came away with the 3-1 victory on home ice, closing some distance on the Leafs with two games left against their first round opponent from last year's playoffs. There's a very real possibility that we'll see the Lightning leapfrog the Leafs and push them down into a Wild Card spot.

As Leaf fans, we're well aware of the fact that everything is always about the Leafs. There was evidence of that during last night's Bruins-Lightning game, as, at one point, fans broke out into a "Maple Leafs Suck!" chant at AMALIE Arena. Funny, since the Leafs weren't playing last night.

Obviously, the fans in Tampa have no love lost for the Leafs. Similarly, any Bruins fans at AMALIE Arena would have enjoyed the opportunity to join in since they, too, dislike the Leafs.

It's all in good fun, and rivalries in pro sports are never going to go away, but next time, at least wait for the Leafs to be in the building when you're chanting "Maple Leafs Suck!", guys and gals. It just seems silly to focus so much of your attention on the Leafs otherwise.
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Lightning and Bruins fans start disrespectful chant about the Leafs

If the Bruins and Lightning face off in Round 1 of the playoffs this year, who do you think will win the series?

Bruins23057.6 %
Lightning16942.4 %
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