Tanner Jeannot lays a beating on Trent Frederic
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Lightning's Jeannot busts Bruins' Frederic open in first period fight

Published March 28, 2024 at 10:11

Anyone who watches hockey with any sort of regularity knows that both Bruins forward Trent Frederic and Lightning winger Tanner Jeannot are a pair of tough customers. Now, with the two being in the same division, they've seen a lot more of each other, which has led to some pretty intense clashes, perhaps none more intense than their first period fight last night.

Jeannot and Frederic came together and dropped the gloves just after Jeannot had fallen into the Bruins' goaltender with a little over 2 minutes remaining in the first period. The problem for Frederic was that Jeannot's first shot of the fight caught him very clean and busted his face open, leaving him labouring and making it tough to see.

Both players were assessed 5 minute fighting majors on the play, but while Jeannot headed towards the box, Frederic went straight down the tunnel and to the Bruins' locker room for repairs, but not before taking a look at himself on the big screen.

With the playoff race so tight in the East right now, there's a very real possibility that the Bruins and Lightning could meet in Round 1 - though that would involve the Leafs slipping down into a Wild Card spot with the Lightning leapfrogging them in the standings and the Panthers reclaiming top spot in the Atlantic Division. If that were to occur, and if the Lightning and Bruins were to meet in Round 1, that one has the potential to be a very rough series.
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Lightning's Jeannot busts Bruins' Frederic open in first period fight

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