Nick Cousins continues to make sure he keeps the title of 'Most Punchable Player' among his colleagues with his antics against Buffalo last night
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League's 'Most Punchable Player' miraculously recovers from hit just in time to jump a guy from behind

Published February 28, 2024 at 9:38

Many NHL fans have taken a disliking to Ottawa Senators forward Tim Stützle due to his constant embellishment to draw penalties. Recently, however, fans have turned their attention to another Atlantic Division player for his cowardice, recklessness and embellishment.

Florida Panthers forward Nick Cousins has developed a reputation around the league for being a very dirty player only to turtle and cower away when the time comes for him to fight.

Last night was no different. In the Panthers game against the Buffalo Sabres, a scrum ensued with just over five minutes to play in the second period in front of the Sabres' net. Cousins took a jab in the face by Sabres forward Jordan Greenway and fell to the ice like he had been shot. Miraculously, after attempting to embellish to draw the call and laying on the ice for mere seconds, Cousins jumped back to his skates without any ill effects and onto the back of Jacob Bryson who was already engaged with another Panthers player in the scrum.

It isn't just fans that have had it with Cousins' antics, as he was voted the player that most others in the league would like to punch in the face during a recent player poll. This isn't something new for Cousins, but his antics have been closely followed since he avoided any major discipline for his hit on Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Erik Gudbranson from behind in mid-December. The hit led to Gudbranson jumping him and Cousins turtling while his teammates came to his defense. The next time they were on the ice together, Gudbranson went right after him, with Cousins turtling again, covering his head with his hands rather than answering the bell and facing the consequences of his actions.

With his antics last night, you can be sure that there will be some sort of retribution the next time the Sabres and Panthers play and it is only a matter of time before Cousins' behaviour catches up to him, either with the officials and the league catching on or because another player has simply had enough.
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League's 'Most Punchable Player' miraculously recovers from hit just in time to jump a guy from behind

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