Leafs Legend Feels William Nylander Is Making A Mistake By Holding Out.

Published September 20, 2018 at 2:23 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs and William Nylander are still having their unpopular standoff in regards to a new contract. Recently NHL Insider Bob McKenzie stated that the two parties are far off and it's unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. Now Leafs' legend Borje Salming chimed in and had a bit of a warning for Nylander. Salming feels that the holdout could negatively impact Nylander going forward and could end up ruining his short legacy he's already made with the Leafs. Salming feels if it continues it could end up with Nylander getting traded, and the young Swede simply not having the opportunities or success on his team.Translated from Swedish:"I'm going to call and chat with William. I think he has to be wary," says Börje Salming.
"I think it's very sad for William. I have been over and watched him a lot the latest two years, and he's really good. People love him there," says Salming."I think he should think it through thoroughly. Imagine if they don't come to an agreement and he lands on another team instead, then everything he's built in Toronto can be ruined. There's always a risk about going to another team, you may not get along with the trainer and get sent down to the AHL, who knows."
"It's not a shitty contract they're offering, it's a really good contract, and money isn't everything. William's a very nice guy and I don't know if there's someone else behind the demands. But I'm going to call him during the day," he says.
What are you going to say?"That I want him to think it through thoroughly. If it's worth it. He'll surely write a new contract with Toronto in two- to three years if he accepts this contract. We've talked a lot before and he's a good guy. It's sad that it's like this."What do you think of Salming's comments? You can see the original article by clicking here.

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