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Bob McKenzie Gives Update Regarding William Nylander Negotiations.

Published September 19, 2018 at 12:10

"Toronto Maple Leafs' fans were extremely happy on Tuesday night as John Tavares scored two goals in his Leafs' preseason debut. It's all smiles when it comes to the upcoming season, however there's still one thing Leafs fans are waiting on and that's a William Nylander contract. There's been various reports about what general manager Kyle Dubas is willing to do and he recently stated he won't break the bank for the young forward.TSN's Bob McKenzie gave an update regarding the situation and the NHL Insider says he hasn't received any information that a deal is imminent. He added that he'd be extremely surprised that Nylander's camp would come close to accepting a bridge deal and that both parties are focused on a long term deal. While McKenzie doesn't believe it'll get done anytime soon, he said the pressure to get it done will really ramp up in about another week.


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