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Leafs Going After Wayne Simmonds?

Published December 12, 2018 at 3:07 PM

Since the Toronto Maple Leafs lost to the Boston Bruins this past weekend, all we've heard is that the Leafs aren't "tough enough". Matt Martin and Leo Komarov both left the team this offseason through trade and free agency and many question are being asked about who's around to protect and stand up for the team. Now everybody wants to see the team add a power forward. While the team clearly still needs a right side defenseman to help cut down Ron Hainsey's ice time, everybody is shouting the team needs a big guy up front. Now reports are starting to surface connecting the Maple Leafs with hometown boy Wayne Simmonds. Simmonds is in the final year of his contract with the Philadelphia Flyers and many believe he'll be dealt before the trade deadline. The 30 year old would be a very interesting fit for the Leafs as he can drop the gloves, lay down some big hits, score goals and be a big presence in front of the net on the powerplay. Would you like to see Simmonds in a Leafs' jersey?

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