Leafs believed to be contemplating trading up in the draft

Dean Chaudhry
June 8, 2024  (6:00 PM)

Cole Eiserman stick handling out of his own zone.
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The Toronto Maple Leafs have shown considerable amount of interest in Cole Eiserman which could signify that a massive trade is in store ahead of the NHL Draft.

With the NHL Entry Draft less than 3 weeks away, prospects are going to be interviewed left, right, and centre from almost every team. While it is a foregone conclusion that Macklin Celebrini will be the first name off the board, it's anyone's guess as to how the following picks will fall.
One very interesting name to keep an eye on is Cole Eiserman. At one point considered to be a top-3 pick, the youngster's draft stock dipped considerably this year but he is still expected to be taken anywhere within the top-10 or top-12 range should teams within the top-8 be more focused on defensemen this year.
It should come as no surprise that the Maple Leafs are very interested in the services of a 6'0, 200 pound, left-winger who just scored 58 goals in 57 games for the U.S. National U18 Team and likens his game to Auston Matthews.
Even with his draft stock having dipped, there's almost no chance that Eiserman drops into the Leafs' lap at 23. However, that didn't stop them from interviewing the youngster, watching film, and playing "what would you do" with him either.
At the very least, it's a good sign that Eiserman left the interview full well feeling and knowing that the Leafs are extremely interested.
To be able to acquire his services is a completely different story because Toronto would have to strap on a pair of boots and try to find a way to trade into the 10-12 range of the draft. Fortunately both New Jersey and Buffalo have expressed their desire to move their picks - 10th and 11th overall, respectively - for the right trade.
New Jersey is more interested in a goaltender while Buffalo wants to make a splash to end their 13-year playoff drought. Dangling Mitch Marner is the ace in the hole that the Maple Leafs possess and while Buffalo would be absolutely interested, it would become a moot point should he be unwilling to waive his NMC. The Leafs could then try to package prospects and picks as a plan B.
Eiserman would be an amazing selection for the Maple Leafs since they would be adding a young, cheap, under-contract goal scorer who is electrifying on the offensive side of the puck. He recorded 89 points in 57 games for the U.S. National U18 Team and has committed to Boston University next season. Should Celebrini not make the jump to the NHL next year, he would be teamed up with Eiserman.
Should things not work out on the trade front, the Maple Leafs have also expressed interest in EJ Emery, Andrew Basha, Lucas Pettersson, and Michael Hage.
With the draft right around the corner and the Stanley Cup Finals underway tonight, expect to hear a lot more chatter regarding the Maple Leafs and their chances of trading up.
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Leafs believed to be contemplating trading up in the draft

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