Former Maple Leaf has no appetite for the team to run it back with the same core

Mike Armenti
June 8, 2024  (10:26)

John Tavares and Mitch Marner
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Ex-Leaf Jay Rosehill went on an impassioned rant this week about why the Toronto Maple Leafs shouldn't even consider running it back with the same core.

Following the end of his playing days, Rosehill, who spent time with the Maple Leafs and the Philadelphia Flyers during his NHL career, has really taken to life after hockey well with his analysis and skills as a popular podcaster.
Rosehill is a part of the team over at "The Leafs Nation" and is a co-host of the popular "Leafs Morning Take" podcast alongside Nick Alberga. His rants have become something of a spectacle, as his passion and fire for the game seem to really come through. His experience in the league is important as well.
This week, the former Leaf said what many fans in Toronto are thinking, which is that there is no way that this organization can begin this season with the Core 4 remaining intact after another very disappointing first round loss.
"What I do know is that this group together is not the formula. You put this group together, highly offensive, $40-some million for 4 guys, and we're supposed to outscore our problems and they're running at 4.8% on the [power play] in the playoffs? 'Well, hold on, we've got to make sure.. these guys are pretty good, we'll try it again,'. Same thing. 'Well, hold on... these guys are REALLY good... run it back again'. SAME FRICKIN THING.

Are we going to do it AGAIN? Or is it proven to you? You need to change the chemistry of this team so it has a different vibe... I promise, if you move Mitch Marner out of there, you're going to change the identity of that team and you're still going to have a lot of unbelievably good pieces, but you're just going to have a different look that maybe is more suited for the playoffs or conducive to getting the chemistry going, because it's not there with this group. It's proven."

Is it a realistic expectation for the Leafs to move Mitch Marner this summer? Maybe, maybe not. But the fact of the matter is that something needs to change with this team, because if not, then they're just going to keep running in circles until the window completely closes.
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Former Maple Leaf has no appetite for the team to run it back with the same core

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