Kyle Dubas Reveals Details About His Relationship With Lou Lamoriello.

Published April 28, 2020 at 4:13 PM

"The Toronto Maple Leafs went from having one of the most respected men in hockey at the GM position to one with no experience at all. Kyle Dubas took over from Lou Lamoriello and for the most part has done a more than respectable job in one of the biggest pressure situations across the league. Dubas of course wasn't taking over the Florida Panthers, he was taking over the most popular franchise in the world. Many wondered if Dubas bumped heads with Lamoriello because he was such an analytics guy.The Leafs' GM explained his relationship with Lou recently. "Especially in the last season, the amount I learned from Lou was incredible — not even just how to operate the team and a sports franchise, but how to treat people, the importance of your family along the way, the importance that he put on me to make sure I was taken care of in that aspect of my life, and pushing me to always make sure that our people are always doing the same thing. That may not always be his reputation to his general public, but it's one of the things I really learned from him.
He is the type of person that no matter what you are going through and what you have on the go and what kind of jam you are in, he is going to be more upset if you don't call him and ask for his help than if you do and you've done something to screw up. That was among the many, many things that I learned from him. We still talk all the time. It is sometimes about hockey but mostly about life and what is happening. I know the age gap between us is immense, but for me, it has become a great mentorship and friendship. I know my whole family feels the same about Lou as well."Pretty interesting revelation by Dubas. "

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