Keefe Reveals What Improvements He'd Like To See From Tavares And Marner This Afternoon.

Published August 4, 2020 at 7:30 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs are just a couple of minutes away from puck drop in a pivotal Game 2 against the Columbus Blue Jackets. If the Leafs lose this one, they'll be down 0-2 in the best of five series against the Blue Jackets. Two players that people want to see more from are captain John Tavares and forward Mitch Marner. Head coach Sheldon Keefe stated what he'd like to see from the duo in Game 2. "Just better execution, first of all — taking care of the puck, putting the puck in intelligent spots, looking to find different ways to get involved offensively. This team, as we fully expected, is going to make it really hard for us offensively, particularly off the rush — a spot where Mitch and John have a lot of success. We knew we were facing the number-one team in the NHL when it comes to defending the rush. Because of that, we have to find different ways to score. That is an adjustment.Obviously, scoring is what we really need when you look at yesterday's game. There is a lot more that happens throughout the game that can give you opportunities to carry play and win your shift and all of those types of things. We just need those guys to be playing at their best — especially now coming off of a loss. We need to respond in a big way here.Not to single out anybody on our team, we need everybody to be better. We think everybody on our team has another level to get to, and we are going to need it tomorrow."What do you think of Keefe's comments?

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